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My name is Yi-Shin, Chiang (Nora), and I originally came from Taiwan as an international student in Academy of Art University. I’ve been attending in AAU since the Spring Semester of 2006 till 2014.


To begin with, I was in BFA Fine Art major for my first semester in AAU, but I then switched to traditional illustration major in the following semester and I realized that I was more interested in painting and drawing rather than doing the sculpture work. After graduate from BFA Illustration, my thirst for art was not satisfied. I’ve always been eager to learn oil painting and traditional media rather than focusing on digital and narrative stories. For this purpose, I knew that my true passion lies in expressing my feelings and enjoying the freedom of color use on my canvas. As the result, I made my decision to take a second major of Fine Art degree in Spring 2011 to gain my skills, knowledge of colors, and professions into another whole new level.


While in my childhood, I have always liked to put colors on a blank sheet of paper, but I did not get any opportunities to have taught by a professional art teacher or anyone before entering AAU. After attending AAU, the classes I was in and professional teachers I met encouraged me to learn more and study more about my medium in many different ways. In addition, if I now have any chance in my career, I would like to be a drawing teacher from the range of kindergarten to high school students; and thus, there would be more and more children to have the opportunities to learn and gain the skills they need in drawing and hopefully to cultivate their knowledge of art.

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